Game Design at NID

Idea#2 – Make a story

Posted on: September 27, 2011

Objective of the game – To make a story using the characters defined by the dice

No. of players – 1 or more

Age group – 7-15yrs

Gameplay – There are 4 dice, 3 of them have different animals or characters on each face, one of them has a situation on each face.

The player rolls the dice once and gets three characters and a situation. (eg. elephant, ant, fish, summer vacations)

The player has to come up with a story involving these characters in that particular situation.

Alternative-  The characters & situation can be chosen by the player and the story will be generated by the software. In digital form, there can be flexibility of more than one situation. Also, the character names can be changed by the player to be as their own and their friends’ names.



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