Game Design at NID

Idea#3 – Hexagon

Posted on: September 28, 2011

Objective of the game – To complete the board with hexagons.

No. of players– 2 or more

Gameplay – Lines are assigned to each no. on the dice.

1 – draw a _

2 – draw a \

3- draw a /

4- remove any line/make the bug sleep, in case of digitized version

5- draw any line

6- draw any line & get second chance

Starting grid

Player 1 has rolled dice and got a 3 and a 2. Player 2 has got a 1



















Alternative– In digitized version, there will be an option of single player also. In that case, there will be a few bugssleeping inside some of the hexagons. As the player starts building walls around the hexagon where the bug is sleeping, the bugs start waking up. So the player has to put walls around that bug as soon as possible. Because once awake, the bug destroys the already built walls around it and lays eggs in some hexagons with no walls. The bug can be put back to sleep if the player gets a 4 on the dice.


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