Game Design at NID


Posted on: October 4, 2011

AIM – The aim of the game is to collect one bottle full of honey before the bees in the honey hive wake up from sleep.

There are different bees in the game –

Queen Bee – She is the head if all bees! She gives birth to new bees.

Caretaker Bee – She takes care of newly born bees and helps them grow faster.

Builder Bee – She makes the house for all other bees. This house is also the place to collect honey!

Honey vendor Bee – She brings honey to home and helps you fill the your bottle.

Normal bee – These bees are always present. Kids grow up to become normal bees.


The canvas of the game is a bee hive. Some of the cells contain honey and some have bees.

The bees are initially sleeping but wake up as the game advances. Player has to build the walls of the cell around the bee before she wakes up.

Player has to take the walls of the cells containing honey to build walls around the bees. When all the walls of the cell containing honey are removed, honey is collected in the jar. Similarly, when all the walls around the bee are made, the cell is safe.

Collecting honey to fill the jar helps the player clear a level, and building walls around the bee earns him points.


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