Game Design at NID

Honey Collector – version 2

Posted on: October 7, 2011

Objective :  To collect some specific amount of honey without disturbing the bees in the beehive

Objects : Honey, honeybees, walls, jar

Gameplay : There is a beehive, which is the game space with honey in some cells (hexagons) and a honey jar at the bottom of the beehive.

There are bees in some of the cells, whose walls are open at two sides.

As the player opens the walls of the honey-cells, the honey pours out of it to the cell whose shared wall has been opened. The player has to open the walls to form a path towards the bottom of the beehive in such a way that it does not enter the cells with bees.

This game is on the lines of a maze puzzle.



Game 2


At higher levels there with be more complexities and features. eg. bees can move to other cells; the cell with bee can rotate, changing the direction of opening; the player will get an option of rotating the board; the player can earn walls which can be used to close the honeybee’s cell, etc.


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