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Honey Quest – game mechanics

Posted on: October 13, 2011

Level completion aim  – to collect certain number of cells honey taking the shortest path
Scoring system  – 
  • shortest path – 100 pts extra
  • every honey cell – 50 pts
  • each increment in the path (each cell) – 5 pts
  • all cells covered bonus- 50 pts
  • Time bonus-  (remaining time after covering all honey cells)- 2 pts for every sec.
Levels 1:
10×10 grid, 5 honey cells, 15 bees
total level time – 3min
dripping time from one cell to another – 2sec
level completion aim  – to collect 3 cells honey taking the shortest path
powerup – extra honey in the shape of bottle( qty = one honey cell) – it will add to the total collected honey
Grid size, no. of bees & honey cells, total time, dripping time and minimum no. of honey cells to be collected for clearing the level will vary in the subsequent levels.
Level 2 :
powerup – extra honey
danger – weak wall of bee cell
strategy – wall breaks 2sec after the cell is filled with honey. The cell needs to be cleared within these 2 sec.
Level 3:
powerup – shield for use against coldwave
danger – coldwave after certain time
strategy – cover the path of the shield (to obtain it) before the coldwave comes
Level 4:
powerup – smoke pellet to be used within 10sec
danger – too many bees on a particular path
strategy – the path with bees cannot be cleared until the smoke pellet is obtained. Also player has to strategically decide on which bee to use it, so as to clear the optimal path.
Level 5:
powerup – smoke pellet, rotate board 180deg
danger – rotate board powerup is available only in the bee cell. It has to be used within 10 sec.
strategy –
1. cover the path with smoke pellet to obtain it
2. use the smoke pellet to uncover the rotate board powerup
3. cover the path where rotate board powerup is, to obtain it
4. use the powerup to rotate the board. The board will stay in that position for 10sec only. The player has to use it at the time when its maximum benefit can be achieved.

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