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Level completion aim  – to collect certain number of cells honey taking the shortest path
Scoring system  – 
  • shortest path – 100 pts extra
  • every honey cell – 50 pts
  • each increment in the path (each cell) – 5 pts
  • all cells covered bonus- 50 pts
  • Time bonus-  (remaining time after covering all honey cells)- 2 pts for every sec.
Levels 1:
10×10 grid, 5 honey cells, 15 bees
total level time – 3min
dripping time from one cell to another – 2sec
level completion aim  – to collect 3 cells honey taking the shortest path
powerup – extra honey in the shape of bottle( qty = one honey cell) – it will add to the total collected honey
Grid size, no. of bees & honey cells, total time, dripping time and minimum no. of honey cells to be collected for clearing the level will vary in the subsequent levels.
Level 2 :
powerup – extra honey
danger – weak wall of bee cell
strategy – wall breaks 2sec after the cell is filled with honey. The cell needs to be cleared within these 2 sec.
Level 3:
powerup – shield for use against coldwave
danger – coldwave after certain time
strategy – cover the path of the shield (to obtain it) before the coldwave comes
Level 4:
powerup – smoke pellet to be used within 10sec
danger – too many bees on a particular path
strategy – the path with bees cannot be cleared until the smoke pellet is obtained. Also player has to strategically decide on which bee to use it, so as to clear the optimal path.
Level 5:
powerup – smoke pellet, rotate board 180deg
danger – rotate board powerup is available only in the bee cell. It has to be used within 10 sec.
strategy –
1. cover the path with smoke pellet to obtain it
2. use the smoke pellet to uncover the rotate board powerup
3. cover the path where rotate board powerup is, to obtain it
4. use the powerup to rotate the board. The board will stay in that position for 10sec only. The player has to use it at the time when its maximum benefit can be achieved.

Objective :  To collect some specific amount of honey without disturbing the bees in the beehive

Objects : Honey, honeybees, walls, jar

Gameplay : There is a beehive, which is the game space with honey in some cells (hexagons) and a honey jar at the bottom of the beehive.

There are bees in some of the cells, whose walls are open at two sides.

As the player opens the walls of the honey-cells, the honey pours out of it to the cell whose shared wall has been opened. The player has to open the walls to form a path towards the bottom of the beehive in such a way that it does not enter the cells with bees.

This game is on the lines of a maze puzzle.



Game 2


At higher levels there with be more complexities and features. eg. bees can move to other cells; the cell with bee can rotate, changing the direction of opening; the player will get an option of rotating the board; the player can earn walls which can be used to close the honeybee’s cell, etc.

AIM – The aim of the game is to collect one bottle full of honey before the bees in the honey hive wake up from sleep.

There are different bees in the game –

Queen Bee – She is the head if all bees! She gives birth to new bees.

Caretaker Bee – She takes care of newly born bees and helps them grow faster.

Builder Bee – She makes the house for all other bees. This house is also the place to collect honey!

Honey vendor Bee – She brings honey to home and helps you fill the your bottle.

Normal bee – These bees are always present. Kids grow up to become normal bees.


The canvas of the game is a bee hive. Some of the cells contain honey and some have bees.

The bees are initially sleeping but wake up as the game advances. Player has to build the walls of the cell around the bee before she wakes up.

Player has to take the walls of the cells containing honey to build walls around the bees. When all the walls of the cell containing honey are removed, honey is collected in the jar. Similarly, when all the walls around the bee are made, the cell is safe.

Collecting honey to fill the jar helps the player clear a level, and building walls around the bee earns him points.

Game testing


I’m able to update score as per the no. of lines drawn. Currently I’m working on timer for the honeybee. It will wake up after a certain time and will reduce the score.

We are creating a digital version of the board game “Hexagon” that we had created earlier. The rules will be as follows :

  • The no. of lines that can be drawn depends on the no. on the dice.
  • In case of single player, there will be only 5 numbers given by the dice.
  • There will be hurdles like bugs who wake up and destroy the built walls, and certain areas on the board will be open for capture only if the player has reached a certain score.
  • The goodies in the game are honey and captured bugs. Queen bug carries maximum score.
  • The objective of the game is to capture maximum area and goodies.

I’ll be adding more rules and game plan as the development proceeds.

Currently I’m working on developing the game using a single hexagon. I’m able to add and remove lines using movieclip objects responding on mouse events. But after putting movieclips in an array, I’m facing issues in comparing the colours.

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We have created a physical prototype of the hexagon game. It seems to be engaging during the first few trials among classmates.


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