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Objective :  To collect some specific amount of honey without disturbing the bees in the beehive

Objects : Honey, honeybees, walls, jar

Gameplay : There is a beehive, which is the game space with honey in some cells (hexagons) and a honey jar at the bottom of the beehive.

There are bees in some of the cells, whose walls are open at two sides.

As the player opens the walls of the honey-cells, the honey pours out of it to the cell whose shared wall has been opened. The player has to open the walls to form a path towards the bottom of the beehive in such a way that it does not enter the cells with bees.

This game is on the lines of a maze puzzle.



Game 2


At higher levels there with be more complexities and features. eg. bees can move to other cells; the cell with bee can rotate, changing the direction of opening; the player will get an option of rotating the board; the player can earn walls which can be used to close the honeybee’s cell, etc.


Objective of the game – To complete the board with hexagons.

No. of players– 2 or more

Gameplay – Lines are assigned to each no. on the dice.

1 – draw a _

2 – draw a \

3- draw a /

4- remove any line/make the bug sleep, in case of digitized version

5- draw any line

6- draw any line & get second chance

Starting grid

Player 1 has rolled dice and got a 3 and a 2. Player 2 has got a 1



















Alternative– In digitized version, there will be an option of single player also. In that case, there will be a few bugssleeping inside some of the hexagons. As the player starts building walls around the hexagon where the bug is sleeping, the bugs start waking up. So the player has to put walls around that bug as soon as possible. Because once awake, the bug destroys the already built walls around it and lays eggs in some hexagons with no walls. The bug can be put back to sleep if the player gets a 4 on the dice.

Objective of the game – To make a story using the characters defined by the dice

No. of players – 1 or more

Age group – 7-15yrs

Gameplay – There are 4 dice, 3 of them have different animals or characters on each face, one of them has a situation on each face.

The player rolls the dice once and gets three characters and a situation. (eg. elephant, ant, fish, summer vacations)

The player has to come up with a story involving these characters in that particular situation.

Alternative-  The characters & situation can be chosen by the player and the story will be generated by the software. In digital form, there can be flexibility of more than one situation. Also, the character names can be changed by the player to be as their own and their friends’ names.


Objective of the game – To draw a figure as given by the opponent.

No. of players – 2

Gameplay – Basic shapes are assigned to each no. on the dice :

1 – Circle

2- Triangle


4-Straight line

5-Curved line

6-dot/remove a previously drawn shape

With each roll of dice, the player needs to draw the shape assigned to that number, such that it makes the figured given by the opponent.

High point – it is time-pass game, which anybody can play irrespective of the drawing abilities.


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