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We are creating a digital version of the board game “Hexagon” that we had created earlier. The rules will be as follows :

  • The no. of lines that can be drawn depends on the no. on the dice.
  • In case of single player, there will be only 5 numbers given by the dice.
  • There will be hurdles like bugs who wake up and destroy the built walls, and certain areas on the board will be open for capture only if the player has reached a certain score.
  • The goodies in the game are honey and captured bugs. Queen bug carries maximum score.
  • The objective of the game is to capture maximum area and goodies.

I’ll be adding more rules and game plan as the development proceeds.

Currently I’m working on developing the game using a single hexagon. I’m able to add and remove lines using movieclip objects responding on mouse events. But after putting movieclips in an array, I’m facing issues in comparing the colours.



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